Sylvan God


Author Katherine Spencer Sylvan God by Katherine Spencer
Genre Contemporary Erotic Romance
Price $3.49
# Words 75’000
Rating Click here for an explanation of the flame rating
Synopsis When the stresses of London life and working in the male-dominated world of information technology becomes unbearable, Neena Addams leaves her old life behind. Known as Newt to her friends, she’s a lifelong Stephen King fan, so escapes to her dream home on the shore of a lake in a small town in Maine. She finds more than just the quiet life she craves, in the shape of tall dark and handsome neighbour, Jake Archer.
Jake lives a self-imposed solitary life. His troubled childhood has left him angry at the townsfolk of Sabattus, Androscoggin County, and only the love of a good woman can tame this wild man of the forest, this Sylvan God.
But can Newt’s dreams of an idyllic life with Jake survive when threatened by the US Government?
ISBN 978-0-9573818-4-1
Edited By Archangel
Cover Design Odin Designs
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I live in Bangor and travel throughout Maine all year long living for the wild vistas. You got it spot on, from DaVinci’s in Lewiston, to Paddy Murphy’s, even King’s house in Bangor. Only could have been better to have had lunch at Jimmy V’s and run into King there grabbing some fried chicken and chocolate cream pie.
Literotica reader

Wonderfully lush romantic tale. I particularly enjoyed your unique characters and their lusty appetite for everything that had been missing from their lives. It was a thoroughly satisfying story from beginning to end. I’m so glad that I stumbled across it, and that you were kind enough to share. It was a worthy labor of love.
 Literotica reader

A very well written story and I was a bit sorry to see it end.
Literorica reader

A beautiful, romantic story. Your writing is descriptive, flowing and so easy to read.
Literotica reader

If you’re looking for a light romance with steamy chemistry this could be the book for you – 3 Crowns


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“So sweet and delicious do I become, when I am in bed with a man who, I sense, loves and enjoys me, that the pleasure I bring excels all delight, so the knot of love, however tight it seemed before, is tied tighter still.” Veronica Franco