Harvest Moon



Series The New England Werewolves: Book 1 Harvest Moon by Tara Olson
Author Tara Olson
Genre Paranormal Erotic Romance
Price $2.99
# Words 45’000
Rating Click here for an explanation of the flame rating
Synopsis River Montgomery runs the Harvest Moon Deli in the northern Maine town of Millinocket. She is single, successful, and her life is solitary, but a supernatural world River never knew existed is about to collide with the peaceful tranquillity of her small town existence.
As well as soaring temperatures, one unseasonably hot summer brings with it a sizzling hot stranger who will alter her life irrevocably. He is tall, dark, exotic and handsome, with coal-black eyes and a chiselled jaw. He is also a werewolf.
József is a lone wolf, estranged from his pack, and running from a shadowy past. His inclusion in her life brings the love, hot sex and companionship she didn’t know she was missing, but it also brings danger, death and violence. Her life spirals out of control when she is exposed to the supernatural world of organised crime.
Can River draw enough strength from her new life to save the man she loves?(Warning: Contains some violence)
ISBN 978-0-9573818-1-0
Edited By Archangel
Cover Design Odin Designs
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From their first meeting this story held me. The characters are well thought out and are a good foil for the other, their interaction plausible and endearing. The twists were great and overall an excellent story.

I am a fan of all werewolf stories (straight or gay) and I think that this one ranks amongst the best that I have read.

Thanks for the wonderful romp in the were world.

Love the story line. Wonderful imagery, and the sex scenes are wonderfully written and tie in well with the rest of the story. I love the fight scenes and LOVE that you made River a force of her own.

The story was a lot better than I’d expected. I thought that the plot was going to be a thinly veiled vehicle to transport the reader between sex scenes. I was pleasantly surprised. The story was engaging and progressive. Rather than being a story and the sex scenes it felt more like a story that was enhanced by the passion portrayed through the sex scenes – Amazon 5*

Once I got into the book the action was non-stop – 3 crowns

An enjoyable read with lots of drama – 3 stars


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2 Responses to Harvest Moon

  • Keith Manaker says:


    Was the Harvest Moon Deli in Orono, Maine the inspiration for the name of the restaurant in the book?

  • Tara Olson says:

    Not really. It was just a happy coincidence :) I wanted the title of the book to have two meanings. First being the title of River’s business, and secondly, the name of the full moon. I am delighted that there is a business with the same name, and that it is in Maine too! It shows what a good choice of name/business it was ;)

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