Freya Press was formed in July 2012 by me, Freya.

I have been involved in many fan fiction, and original fiction communities and was regularly sought out for editing and beta reading. I decided to dip a toe into the world of publishing when I read some work by a couple of fellow Midlanders that I felt needed a wider audience than they were getting on fiction sites. As neither of them were very technically minded, and I have always been a bit of a geek, I offered to help them  get published in e-book format.

I decided not to edit them, as I was too close to the stories and wanted to concentrate on the publishing aspects, so approached an editor I had met through fiction websites. Everything else has been created by me, the website, the cover art, typesetting etc with assistance and advice from a few close friends, but as they are not official ‘employees’, they won’t be listed on here.

All those involved with Freya Press use pen names, as we all have professional lives outside this industry, and utilize this anonymity to maintain some degree of separation and confidentiality.

My experience in publishing is only that of an enthusiastic amateur, but I am learning more and more each day. I do want to stress that I am approaching this with the same level of professionalism as I do my other ventures.

Things are changing in the literary world. The increasing growth of small presses, particularly in the electronic formats market, means an exciting time for publishing. The ‘traditional’ methods are being re-written.

I currently distribute our e-books through Amazon (worldwide), Lulu, Smashwords, All Romance (where applicable), Kobo, iBooks, and B&N. I will shortly be looking at utilising Amazon’s print-on-demand service, Createspace to provide paperback copies for the ‘old school’ readers.

As with all small/micro press, the greatest difficulty I face is promotion. We have the website, plus Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. On the information page for each book, there are links to all the various digital retailers direct to the buying page, not the retailer’s home page. We also send out ARCs to review sites and are looking at other unique promotional tools such as programs, catalogues and maybe even a market stall.

Freya Press is still new and finding its niche, but as stated on the home page, the aim is to publish fiction written by women, for women. I have received great support from the small/micro press community and friends who already run very successful imprints. Without their advice and support nothing of what we have accomplished so far would have been possible. Particular thanks have to go to Colin from Anachron Press, and Adele at Fox Spirit.


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